Hello there

You found me! Well done and welcome to my blog. It’s a diary, really, of my work as a freelance graphic designer but also the other stuff I love, like my kids and stuff I dream of, like being a full time painter of wall murals.

I will share with you my experiences and some top tips on graphic design, painting, drawing and all things ‘craft’.  There will be the odd story about one or both of my kids, Henry and Evie, because I am very proud of them, they do inspire me and I find it really hard being a good parent. I think many of us find parenting hard but we don’t like to talk about it. Well, here I will…sometimes.

I hope you enjoy it.

About me

I am a freelance graphic designer living in London.  Previously, I have worked for Rightmove, AXA and Willis as their in-house graphic designer.  I love to help businesses large and small create all kinds of visuals including logos, brochures, adverts and display stands.

I feel passionate about creating identities and materials that positively promote the values held dear by my clients. My design style is very varied and I adapt to suit the challenge presented.  The work I produce has many influences, mainly 16 years of graphic design experience and listening to those who know and love their business best.

When I’m not colouring-in for clients, I’m often hounded for hand drawn pictures by two small, loud children for their own creative development.  In addition to graphic design, I love to design and paint wall murals for children’s rooms. Some people out there have already been crazy enough to let me loose on their nursery!

Please take a look at my portfolio at petaldesign.co.uk.