Back to the drawing school – Weeks 3 and 4

A sketch from the sequence i produced at school on week three
This drawing isn’t of me but it sums up the best part of the last fortnight

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Corporate Crayon HQ, so apologies for the delay. I know you are eager to see more drawings of quality emerge from my evenings at The Royal Drawing School. It’s been a real ‘YAY! – BOOOO’ fortnight. The biggest yay being we had our most excellent friends, the Dowlings, come and stay for the weekend so no time for drawing practice or blog writing. I’ve had no time to draw for fun either as I have been wrestling HTML coding whilst designing some email newsletters for a client. Continue reading “Back to the drawing school – Weeks 3 and 4”

Back to the drawing school – Week 2

A not very good sketch of Lydia, the life model
My quick sketch of life model, Lydia at this week’s class. She is a human life model, not a pig sleeping with its mouth wide open

Did you have a little snigger at last weeks drawings? Good. You’re going to love this weeks masterpieces.

Week 2 at the Royal Drawing School studying Drawing for Comics and Graphic Novels and this evening we are joined by life models, Tom and Lydia. “Don’t expect any of your drawings to be good this week. We shall be doing lots of them and quickly,” our quietly spoken leader, Emily told us in her intro. Surely mine can’t get any worse?

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Painting on walls (and not getting told off)

Matty seemed to really like the colours. One of the first colours a baby sees beyond black and white is yellow.

I have known Matilda’s (Matty’s) mum, Natalie for eight years. She was largely responsible for hiring me at Rightmove all those years ago so she had no choice but to like me and champion my work and painting skills.  Since those carefree, hardworking, copious-drinking and limb-breaking days, much changed for both of us. We have found men folk to move in with, have became mums and both moved on in our careers…plus a whole heap of other little things in between.

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Back to the drawing school

Drawing tools for school
My drawing tools at the ready as I go back to school

All graphic designers have exceptional drawing skills. However, there are exceptions to all rules and I am she.

On Monday night, I started a new course at the Royal Drawing School here in London. It sounds very grand, doesn’t it? The Royal Drawing School is in fact a charity so the public drawing courses they offer to amateurs like myself are very, very reasonably priced.

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